• Pedro Sanchez Jr

    We can reach out to more non believer.

  • We tried that for 3 months and discontinued it.
    It was very impersonal.
    People would rather stay at home, and watch a tele-evangelist.

    • Rev. P. E. Gene Fowler

      Ernesto, you have hit upon one of my big concerns and experience has made me distrust that tele-evangelist that this type of ministry is driving people to. Even when the tele-evangelist is sincere he has no way to really reach out to viewers that are in need of leadership and shepherding.

  • Robert Walker

    It is becoming apparent that technology with its benefits is creating a more impersonal nature within the church life.

  • Larry J Smith

    I think that a lot of times that multi media church can reach more people in a way that the local church can’t. A multi media church may minister to someone So Much More than a local church. And if it is a live broadcast, what’s the difference?

  • David G Dejesus

    For me, I think multi site congregation is more of a humanistic approach than biblical. Bt comparison a shepherd cannot take card of those sheep not around him, so also is a pastor of multi site congregation. Why take the credit of pastoring a congregation when others are taking care of them. To me it’s more of a worldly approach than biblical. You may disagree with me, that is okey.

  • We have been doing a multi-site church in Hong Kong since 1994. Today we have 10 churches throughout the territory. We don’t work them as multi-media campuses. It has been successful for us. We call it 1 church 10 locations.

    • Rev. P. E. Gene Fowler

      John, I think your efforts are very different than the multi-media multiple location approach in America. What you are doing is more like the circuit preacher that was common in many rural areas of America at the turn of the last century. As a matter of fact my father was a lay-minister at a local church so the congregation was not without any leadership or minister to deliver the weekly message for the number of weeks that the “Parson” was traveling his circuit.
      Thank you for reaching out to people who otherwise would not have anyone to deliver the Word of God to them.

  • Amos Mlen Boyd

    Multi-site church is a good thing. We have been doing that for the past couple of years now, and it gives those we are bringing up in the Lord’s work to learn under proper supervision.

  • Rev. P. E. Gene Fowler

    I have some concerns about this approach. I seems to me that planting a new church is something that should be done by a pastor that is onsite and ready to shepherd a new flock. A new plant should be created with the intent to reach out to new seekers and those who have not made the decision to take the Lord into their lives. These people need someone to lead them, not a video image of a preacher in a location that is not readily accessible.
    My bigger concern is that this is another tool of unscrupulous “televangelists” that only care about the funds they can collect by calling themselves ministers and hiding income behind a 501(C3) that has been filed under false pretenses. Please do not misunderstand me, I know that a vast majority of ministers that take their ministry to outreach posts via video are very sincere and only want to touch the unsaved. It is that small percentage of charlatans that concerns me.
    So if a minister takes on this type of ministry, I beg him/her to make certain that there are apostles within the congregation ready to disciple the new convert through prayer and leadership. Finally I urge such ministers to ordain and install a local pastor as soon as possible.

  • Rev. Dr. Howard "Bear" Alperin

    I am totally against multi site churches

  • John

    My question is: Is this the New Testament model? It seems to me that it is more of an “ego” issue. Too many pastors/churches want to be known as the ones supporting the largest congregation. Why not start missions and give support for one or two years as needed and then let them function on their own?

  • As long as the message remains solidly, unabashedly Christian I’m for it. The method changes; it adapts to the times. The message doesn’t change. Some pastors are better communicators or better administrators. Let them reach as many people as they can. Multiple sites require associate pastors who can be there to meet individual needs. It can all be worked out.

  • I say no. This type of broadcast can also be used to sow seed of confusion. Some preachers are questionable and this medium can be a free tool to the enemy to operate with. No offence to the God fearing and honest preachers. This can be helpful and opposite.

  • i believe that helps to reach more people at a go and as such provide platform which encourages especially members as they become aware that they are not alone in the faith and also the miracles which goes on elsewhere.

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