• Pastor Irvin Blouin

    I have notes but may not follow them completely

  • Kennethmaerz

    Use notes all the time I’d be lost without them

  • Pastor Eddie White

    Certainly didn’t plan on it but felt I was following God for the moment and the service. He could certainly see more of the needs of everyone there and help lead me to preach a message that beyond any doubt was for that service. I’m sure that the early disciples didn’t carry around sermon notes not that they wouldn’t have used them but like them I want my total dependence to be on the Holy Spirit whether I have notes or not! #PREACHON

  • Major Van Wirth

    The circumstance were I went to the pulpit prepared with a sermon but felt an amazing urge to go another direction. At the conclusion, the altar was packed. Totally from God. It should be stated this is the only time I ever did this. I always go in prepared with what I believe God would have me say. This was a unique setting.

  • Scott Polk

    ONLY when called upon on a very short notice! AND depending on where and to whom I am speaking. Generally I use notes to keep me on track!!

  • But that is very much the exception.

  • Pastor Charles Kizzine

    Yes without note and No with Notes

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