• Pastor Irvin Blouin

    I have notes but may not follow them completely

  • Kennethmaerz

    Use notes all the time I’d be lost without them

  • Pastor Eddie White

    Certainly didn’t plan on it but felt I was following God for the moment and the service. He could certainly see more of the needs of everyone there and help lead me to preach a message that beyond any doubt was for that service. I’m sure that the early disciples didn’t carry around sermon notes not that they wouldn’t have used them but like them I want my total dependence to be on the Holy Spirit whether I have notes or not! #PREACHON

  • Major Van Wirth

    The circumstance were I went to the pulpit prepared with a sermon but felt an amazing urge to go another direction. At the conclusion, the altar was packed. Totally from God. It should be stated this is the only time I ever did this. I always go in prepared with what I believe God would have me say. This was a unique setting.

  • Scott Polk

    ONLY when called upon on a very short notice! AND depending on where and to whom I am speaking. Generally I use notes to keep me on track!!

  • But that is very much the exception.

  • Pastor Charles Kizzine

    Yes without note and No with Notes

  • Ernesto

    Once in a while

  • Mike Kinch

    I have not preached very often without notes, I generally need notes as pegs to hang my thoughts on,

  • I have preached without notes ONLY after studying first the content needed. However to be professional in case of a ‘mind block’, nearby are the ‘pegs’ or ‘headings’ to immediately keep one on course! The Sermons / Headings supplied by Pastor Helper and Barry are a sure fire way to assist any preacher new or old in discipling oneself how to deliver sermons properly and with good and accurate content. Naturally if one studies the Bible the Holy Spirit is onboard with us in doing so! All blessings in His Service. +David

  • Robert E. Baker

    Yes, I have often preached without notes, but I prefer to have a full manuscript.

  • Rev. Robert E. Baker

    yes, I use notes. It helps to keep one on tract.

  • John Davis

    I use notes as my memory is not very good so I have to have something in writing to keep me moving along. At times I have had my message prepared and before the preaching part of the service while listening to the songs being sung I make notes on the bulletin and have gotten up and preached from the song titles, simply amazing what God will do.

  • Robert E. Baker

    Yes. I use Notes

  • Pray that I can one day preach without my notes, but actually type out my full sermon & then have a tendency to read all of it but also add what The Holy Spirit places in my mouth and thoughts.

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