• I am 82, about to complete my ministry to independent and assisted living senior centers in Iowa. Have not used any of your sermons, but did purchase a study collection several years ago. I was a verger in an Episcopal parish for about 10 years and was moved to do services at the senior facility. I enjoy receiving your messages and sermon thought starters. God Bless you.

  • Arthur Courchesne

    Before I retired, I enjoyed teaching the most

  • Pastor Chris

    I actually enjoy preaching and teaching, but when I gather with the people that I am preaching/teaching to for an evangelism event, and together, we are willing to go out and be soul winners, then I know that my preaching/teaching has been a success.

  • I enjoy preaching and teaching the most because it allows me to help my church members grow in their faith and mature as disciples of Christ.

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